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Phobia Fix - Visual-Kinesthetic Disassociation with Ed Reese, LCSW and Maryann Reese, LMFT

In this video, Ed Reese, LCSW and Maryann Reese, LMFT elegantly demonstrate what is known as the "Phobia Cure" or the Visual-Kinesthetic Disassociation addressing a "water phobia" (related to boating, etc.). This presentation was conducted at the Licensed Practitioner of NLP In Hypnosis Training in Tampa, Florida. Ed Reese was the very first Trainer licensed by Richard Bandler and the Society of NLP. He and Maryann Reese (his beloved wife) have been conducting NLP certification trainings for over 40 years. We had the great honor of hosting Ed and Maryann at our trainings and the participants were so grateful to have such seasoned and professional exhibitions of one of the seminal patterns of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the V-K Disassociation which just happens to be Ed and Maryann's specialties (working with PTSD, Trauma, Abuse and memory issues). 31:28 minute presentation. All rights reserved in all media internationally. Copyright 2014 - ExecuLearn Studios/Ed and Maryann Reese.