Neurocise® with Elvis Lester - Tampa, Florida

Desired State Resource Generator - Tampa Florida

Desired State Resource Generator: Take the time to go inside and focus upon your goal - your Vision of Success & Sequence of Success - Accessing the Resources required to achieve your desires. Imagine having and doing and expeirencing what it is that you want and connect eaility and elegantly to powerful resource states. Develop an empowering and unlimited representation of you moving and experiencing and ferociously taking action to manifest your desires and dreams. 17:36 minutes - Narrative & Music. Hypnotic - Do not operate machinery or equipment while listening - focus and relax and find a quiet place to learn from your own experience internally.

Disclaimer: This is an educational/entertainment video with self-hypnosis. It is recommended that you do not listen to this or watch the video while operating any equipment or while driving. Take care - sit back - put your headphones on and relax deeply.