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The Pearl Series

The Pearl Series chronicles the lives of four individuals who find themselves at an impasse. With words as weapons they orchestrate their escape, rationalising, scheming and lying they unpick the truth to find a brief freedom. The situations they find themselves in range from the impossible to the absurd. The choices they make are deliberate and often flawed. If nothing else their stories are true.

  1. The Pearl Series - Episode 4 - Testimony

    They say forgiving is the easy part, forgetting is the bitch. Sam is finding it hard to forget and relishing being a bitch. It’s not about the money, it’s about truth, in affirmation of family cohesion. Sam believes in family, but she is also a realist, she believes in science. In facts and logical deductions. She believes in DNA and unfortunately for her family she has discovered a discrepancy. The time is right to break the news, all she needs now is a stage.

  2. Pearl Series Episode 3 - Serenade

    He was born disconnected, he would mirror the emotional behaviour of others to fit in. From an early age he had a fascination for fire, for burning, for the moment when a flame becomes smoke. As he got older this smouldering desire became life and he ordained himself as a scholar of decay. A killer. A professional. A game player. Now an explanation has been demanded from him and for the first time in a long time this isolated figure, this snake in the grass is in the mood for talking.

    Written and Directed By Benedict Coen
    Produced By T. Emmett
    Production Designer May Davies
    Shot and Cut By Electric Copper Films

    Starring Dave Hawkes

    Additional Cast (In Alphabetical Order):

    C. Billham
    Steve Butterworth
    Chris Cox
    James Crozier
    Andrea Dalton
    Harrison Dingley
    Martin Emmett
    Eduardo Furtado
    Albert Garza
    Hayley Joanne Bacon
    Ross Saunders
    Jack Shepherd
    William Wells

    Filmed on Location at The Two Brewers, Essex UK

  3. The Pearl Series Episode 2 - Statement

    He wants the two point four family, a four by four, a sit on mower, neighbourhood watch and satellite TV. He rants to anyone who’ll listen about how the nuclear family has become toxic, how radio stations run commercials for divorce lawyers like it’s a lifestyle choice. Yet sitting where he is sitting it is difficult to believe a single thing that comes out of his mouth; even less the direction of his moral compass. Dirty boy!

    Written and Directed By Benedict Coen
    Produced By T. Emmett
    Production Design By May Davies
    Shot and Cut By Electric Copper Films

    Starring Steven Whittle

    Additional Cast (In Alphabetical Order)

    Gracie Blake
    Colin Billham
    Freya Dare
    Tracy Emmett
    Emma Feeney
    Rob Fernall
    Grace Holmes
    George Kao
    Steve Neale
    Chris Rogerson
    Robert Ryall
    Susan Ryall
    Daniel Segeth
    Joe Storrar
    Barry Taylor
    Bruce Thomson

    Filmed on Location at The Pink Toothbrush, Essex UK

  4. The Pearl Series Episode 1 - Tribunal

    Her career was her vocation. It would have to be, on the money she got paid. Her mentors were her friends; her teachers, counsellors, people she looked up to. When one of those nearest to her was nearly killed on the job, although blameless, she was blamed.

    Written and Directed By Benedict Coen
    Produced By T. Emmett
    Shot and Cut By Electric Copper Films

    Starring Martha Pothen

    Additional Cast (In Alphabetical Order):

    Gillian Austen
    Marilyn DeBattisia
    Stefan Gackowski
    Stephen Jordon
    Ian Parkins
    Jesse Powis
    Joan Tisi

    Filmed on Location in Grays, UK