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Promotional Films

At Electric Copper Films we invest our time and energy into producing unusual films for clients that have a socially responsible agenda. We have tackled some big subjects with very client specific guidelines to meet. The two we have included here cover the topics of, end of life care, and domestic abuse. We love to hear from charities and businesses that are trying to make a difference and would like their story to be told. It is always a challenge to find the right idea but the process is enlightening and rewarding. The businesses, charities, festivals or campaigns that broaden our horizons and educate us are the heartbeat of a modernising society and we love to work with them.

  1. St Luke's Hospice

    It was our pleasure to provide a promotional film for St Luke's Hospice, Basildon. They do such an amazing job and provide a service that quite frankly is beyond most of us. We hope it can in a small way raise the general public awareness to the essential and incredible job that the hospice provides for those who need it. In all departments St Luke's Hospice is an awe inspiring organisation with fantastic people and a wonderful sense of adventure. We decided on shooting this film on a track so that each scene glided into the next, mirroring our own journey towards the inevitable.

    Directed By Benedict Coen
    Produced By T. Emmett
    Shot and Cut By Electric Copper Films

    Cast (In Alphabetical Order):

    Sharon Barley
    Lauren Baston
    Georgia Bennett
    Colin Billham
    Gill Booth
    Natasha Browne
    Erin Butler
    Kevin Canavan
    Peter Carver
    Chris Cox
    Emily Cox
    Marilyn DeBattista
    Lisa Duggin
    Tracy Emmett
    Stephen Foran
    Paula Henderson
    Sarah Hudson
    H. Leslie Irving
    Vikki Pead
    Annette Perl
    Darren Porter
    Jesse Powis
    Rupert Primo
    Stephen Reynolds
    Shaun Sae_Lieo
    Michael Shea
    Andrew Stammers
    Louise Whittle
    Steven Whittle
    Shirley Young

    Filmed on location at St. Luke's Hospice, Essex UK

  2. The Change Project

    A charity that provides training to professionals who may encounter instances of domestic abuse. An organisation that has collated years of experience and understanding into a subject that is more common that we would perhaps like to admit. The Change Project Team had some very definite ideas it wished the film to communicate. Our challenge was to do this subtly. An incredible group of people to work with and some outstanding performances by our leads. Please enjoy the film and check out The Change Project.

    Written and Directed By Benedict Coen
    Produced By T. Emmett
    Shot and Cut By Electric Copper Films

    Cast (In Alphabetical Order):

    Justin Cartledge
    Lora Draper
    Dawn Jenkins
    Naomi Page
    Michael McDonagh
    Jack Shepherd
    Gina Smith
    Clare Whalley
    Tania Woodgate

    Filmed on Location in Essex, UK