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EJ Ajax Video Collection

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EJ Ajax Manufacturing Colleagues Relate Their Scholarship, Internship, and Apprenticeship Experiences

The 2014 MFG Day Video Contest entry from EJ Ajax showcases EJ Ajax colleagues discussing the various ways that the workforce development programs at EJ Ajax have supported their manufacturing careers.

About The Video
Given the searchable title of “EJ Ajax Manufacturing Colleagues Relate Their Scholarship, Internship, and Apprenticeship Experiences,” this video relates to two of the topics suggested by MFG Day submission guidelines: 1) the pride the company and co-workers take in their manufacturing work, and 2) the efforts the company has made to connect with the next generation of manufacturers.

The video was conceived, shot, and edited during the summer of 2014 at the company’s Minneapolis location. The employees featured in the video were not provided with scripts, makeup, or wardrobe. Rather, the producers of the video sought genuine and sincere commentary. They were rewarded with a highly original perspective of manufacturing career opportunities and personal growth.

All the employees featured in the video got their start through the company’s scholarship, internship and apprenticeship programs provided by EJ Ajax. Each of these employees continues to find advancement opportunities within the company.

This high-definition video features an upbeat soundtrack and a fast, engaging pace. The objective was to create a video that would be believable when seen through the eyes of target audiences, who are: 1) 1st year manufacturing students at area technical colleges, 2) high school students with an aptitude for and interest in manufacturing, and 3) guidance counselors and family members who might use their influence to direct capable students toward manufacturing careers.

Production Challenges
Achieving this objective was not easy. The myriad edits between the candid employee shots and the b-roll shots captured on the production floor tested the capabilities of the project team. Stock footage was not considered an acceptable alternative. The company needed captivating, highly-original footage that would attract and hold the attention of the target audiences.

Several of the clips from the production floor were captured using a tiny Go-Pro™ high-definition camera mounted carefully in very close proximity to the impact zones of the company’s largest metalforming machinery. This technique produced unique angles of manufacturing machinery that would not have been possible just a few years ago. This is especially true of the footage captured from within the hood of the company’s Salvagnini L3 fiber laser cutting machine while the machine was in full operation.

Building an Audience Through Social Media
Due to continual growth, EJ Ajax has several manufacturing positions available for qualified candidates. However, as has been frequently reported by news outlets nationwide, these candidates are scarce. In response, the company’s communication strategies now include an EJ Ajax Facebook page (, a manufacturing blog ( and a local Manufacturing Day event entitled HeavyMetal2014 ( to attract target audience members who use their smartphones constantly to acquire and exchange information. This video is a key component of the company’s social media strategy.

About EJ Ajax
EJ Ajax provides precision metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication, fiber optic laser cutting, and related advanced manufacturing and precision metalforming services. This third-generation company is located at 7773 Ranchers Road in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The company was founded in 1945 by Erick J Ajax, the grandfather to current co-owners Tom and Erick Ajax. As an inventor working out of his home, the senior Ajax applied for and received several important patents relating to metalforming and manufacturing.

EJ Ajax became proactive in workforce development program in 1998 and continues to find new ways to attract, inspire, and develop individuals who seek a career in advanced manufacturing.
The results have been impressive. A significant percentage of the company’s current employees have been with EJA for more than a decade.

With few exceptions, the company’s new hires start at entry level positions and rotate through all departments to build proficiency in multiple machine settings. Many have taken advantage of the educational opportunities and have advanced to become valuable team members.

Today, after nearly 70 years of growth, the company occupies 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space and employs more than 60 full time colleages and nearly a dozen active apprentices.

Manufacturing Day Events
EJ Ajax will offer a student essay contest on our Facebook event page to kick off Manufacturing Day 2014. Two essay contest winners will receive $1,000 scholarships and will be interviewed for paid internship positions.

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