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Hokis Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for Athletes is a customized yoga program designed around the demands of your particular sport. The first step to getting started would be to meet for a complimentary consultation. I’d love to meet you and your team and get to know your specific goals and desires for the program. In other words, I want to hear straight from the team what they want to see improvements on and what their major concerns are. Also I’d get to know their taste in music so classes can be fun and enjoyable for everyone. Yoga does not have to be the incense burning, chanting, meditating style you hear about.

My teaching style is far from that. As a personal trainer, my classes are fitness oriented, vinyasa flow style classes based on lengthening the body and strengthening the mind (and lots of core work!) Every program I design assumes that the athletes have never done yoga so the first few classes are a little be bit slower, focusing on the basic poses in yoga, and the program will pick up pace according to how quickly they respond and progress. While the consultation is a lot of talking and getting to know each other, we will run through a quick 30 minute flow to introduce the players to yoga and so I can get a feel for where we are starting out physically. From then on classes would be 60 minutes and I would recommend practicing 1-2 times per week to see noticeable improvements.