UK NHS Lymphoedema Network Wales has produced these films to support patients, carers and clinicians to manage lymphoedema effectively.

Each film is evidence-based and the content reviewed and updated as the evidence-base changes.

Patients of all ages are reporting that they find the films helpful in understanding their condition. They have been filmed in clinical settings as well as the homes of patients, building up a picture of how people can learn to live with lymphoedema and manage it on a day-to-day basis.

When you give the film links to your patients they can watch them as many times as they like and share them with their family and friends.

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Learn more about cellulitis and how to identify and manage it. You’ll meet people who can show you what it looks like as well as a group of people learning how best to manage recurrent episodes. The good news is that good self-management can make a real difference.

Professor Keith Harding talks about the challenges faced when making a diagnosis. The British Lymphology Society have produced this “Red Legs Pathway” to help understand how best to identify and manage a condition which can look similar to cellulitis. It could be helpful for trying to work out whether you or someone you are caring for has red legs or cellulitis