UK NHS Lymphoedema Network Wales specialists and patients have created this collection of 13 short films to help you understand and manage your lymphoedema. However, if you have any concerns or worries about your health you should of course contact your healthcare professional for advice. We would love to know how you are progressing so please take a moment to answer the questions attached to this link.

These are the films:

What is lymphoedema?
The joy of exercise
Compression garments
SLD lower limbs
SLD upper limbs
Health eating
Exercise class lower limbs
Exercise class upper limbs
Pump therapy
Have you got Genital Lymphoedema?
Men with Genital Lymphoedema
Women with Genital Lymphoedema
Surgery For Genital Lymphoedema

Women living with genital lymphoedema

Meet the great women who helped us to help you by taking part in this film. Genital lymphoedema is not always easy to talk about but as with so many challenging conditions, early diagnosis and support can really help to manage symptoms.