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Edu1st History: 22 years transforming education

We are proud of the movement our founders started 22 years ago and where their passion took us. We are excited to see how this passion for transforming education has spread to hundreds of educational institutions worldwide.

Today, our VESS Educational Model is implemented in more than 100 schools that belong to the International VESS Network, present in more than seven countries. Ana María Fernández and Gilberto Pinzón, our founders, have formed in these 22 years: six preschools in South Florida, a virtual preschool, a VESS Network of Institutions, thousands of training, and conferences, a VESS platform with educational resources, the virtual campus to give all the training virtually, the creation of the first chair of neuroeducation in the world of the University of Barcelona, "Catedra neuroeducation UB-Edu1st", and the EduJournal "Educational Vanguardism" among others.

What began as a dream of revitalizing education by focusing on new methodologies, research, and studies that will generate transcendental changes to achieve a VESS life: "Meaningful Life with Balanced and Wisdom" has impacted thousands of lives. If you want to find out how Edu1st has impacted the world through our VESS Educational Model, visit our website here:



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