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Sample Videos

View Sample Videos from different aspects of any given Wedding Video Production we offer here! Our popular "Full Length Film" option is like a two hour long documentary of your wedding day consisting of a Video Introduction, optional Pre Ceremony Coverage, real time Ceremony Coverage, Formal Photo and/or Cocktail Hour Coverage, real time Reception Coverage and a Highlight Video of the entire day to wrap it all up! To get an idea of what that type of video would look like, make sure to view videos titled accordingly.

We also offer a "Short Film" editing style. Instead of a two hour long documentary of your day, we'll create one 12-20 minute long highlight video of your day with bits-and-pieces of real time footage from key moments sprinkled here and there. So if you're more interested in this type of editing style, check out the "Short Film" sample!

Most of these videos are in a 720p HD format (not 1080p) for the sake of download speeds, so it's best not to blow them up to full screen as you'll lose some picture quality by doing that. Simply view the videos from the window they pop up in:)

Formal Photo Coverage and Cocktail Hour Coverage

Filmed by Matt Buerhaus.