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  1. Luke 19:1-4

    Hello Everybody! Zacchaeus was a wee little man...with a lot going on in his heart! Today's study is an introduction him and his world. Blessings as you study!

  2. Luke 18:35-43

    The blind man receives his sight! What a great moment on our Lord's final trek to Jerusalem! Have a wonderful time in the Word, everyone!

  3. Luke 18:31-34

    Hello Everyone! God bless the beginning of your week! We're moving toward the end of Luke 18 today, with Jesus sharing - for the third time now - some very unsettling news with His disciples. Have a rich and enlightening time of study today - the Lord is with you!

  4. Luke 18:28-30

    Hi Everyone! Praying for a wonderful weekend for one and all! Today's study time is a continuation of our topic from yesterday...God help us all to look at this world and the lives we live in it with a focus on the eternal. Lord come quickly!

  5. Luke 18:24-27

    Hi Everyone! Today's study: Jesus speaks in the aftermath of the rich young ruler's departure. Have a wonderful day! The Lord is with you!

  6. Luke 18:18-23

    "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" That's the question of the rich young ruler today in Luke 18...but is it the right one? God bless your study time today as you open the Scriptures!



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