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  1. Luke 20:1-8

    Welcome to a new week, everyone! We're on to Luke 20 together today! Have an excellent time in the Word; God's rich peace to each of you!

  2. Luke 19:45-48

    Hello Everyone! Today we conclude our look at Luke 19...just five chapters left in this great Gospel account! God grant you an abundance of wisdom as you come to His Word!

  3. Luke 19:41-44

    Good Day, All - our portion of God's Word today is one where we find Jesus weeping. What could cause the Savior of the world to cry? God richly bless your study time!

  4. Luke 19:28-40

    Hello Everyone! This fine Wednesday brings us to a high point in our Lord's earthly ministry: His triumphal entry into Jerusalem! Have a great time in God's Word today!

  5. Luke 19:22-27

    Hello Everyone! A blessed Tuesday to you! Very thought-provoking and challenging words from Jesus today. Blessings on your study!

  6. Luke 19:15-21

    Hello All! Today: Kingdom Parable, Part Two! Have a terrific day!



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