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  1. Romans 5:9-11

    Such a special privilege to have you along for another week of Bible study, everyone! God bless you richly in Jesus Christ our Lord!

  2. Romans 5:6-8

    So good to be with you today, everyone! I pray God's blessings upon each of you as you open the Scriptures.

  3. Romans 5:1-5

    Today we come to the fifth chapter of Romans, and my prayer is that you will be richly blessed as we talk about peace...peace with God!

  4. Romans 4:18-25

    God bless you richly today, friends...may His Word reach your heart in a special way!

  5. Romans 4:13-17

    Hello, All! God's blessings of joy and peace to you as we continue our way through the season of Advent! Thanks for being here as we come again to the 4th chapter of Romans.

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  6. Romans 4:9-12

    Great to have you along for a new week of Bible study, everyone! Today we're continuing on in Romans 4.

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