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  1. John 5:24-30

    Hi everyone! Thanks so much for being here today as we open God's Word. We're drawing close to the end of John 5 with lots to consider as the people of God in Christ. Blessings to you in our Savior!

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  2. John 5:19-23

    Blessings to you in Christ Jesus our Lord, everyone! More today in John 5.

  3. John 5:16-18

    We continue today with our look at John 5; thanks so much for coming along!

  4. New! Pillar Moments from!

    The Power Of Availability!

  5. New! Pillar Moments from!

    ...A Certain Kind of Life.

  6. New! Pillar Moments from!

    What Do You Have In Your Hand?



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