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School Assembly Videos

Here is a wide range of education learning video resources and national curriculum videos that support school assemblies, personal social education (PSE), health education, citizenship, and the humanities.

This online education site, like the Simpson’s, addresses philosophically challenging issues for educators and society.

The main purpose is to ask questions about what makes life worth living and what makes a good life? These are the same issues that Socrates pursued two and half thousand years ago in Athens.

In the twenty-first century, they still need to be addressed by society.

The online site and its supporting guidelines advocates and strongly promotes the thoughtful use of significant real objects from the child’s environment to help them refer to things, people, places, and events in their lives.

Teaser | Resilience | Emotional Wellbeing | Health Living Curriculum Learning Resources For Schools

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Video On Demand Education Learning Resources
A wide range of curriculum learning resources aimed at citizenship, the environment, healthy living, health education, PSHE and Resilience.