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Here is a wide range of education learning video resources and national curriculum videos that support school assemblies, personal social education (PSE), health education, citizenship, and the humanities.

This online education site, like the Simpson’s, addresses philosophically challenging issues for educators and society.

The main purpose is to ask questions about what makes life worth living and what makes a good life? These are the same issues that Socrates pursued two and half thousand years ago in Athens.

In the twenty-first century, they still need to be addressed by society.

The online site and its supporting guidelines advocates and strongly promotes the thoughtful use of significant real objects from the child’s environment to help them refer to things, people, places, and events in their lives.

Universal Credit The New British Social Underclass

A Manchester writer's new book, 'From Under A Cloud On Heartbreak Hill,' responds to the UK Parliament's Select Committee for Work and Pensions, Universal Credit Report, by revealing powerful insights about the country's hidden population.

This video is produced with a full transcription at

These are the innocent victims of a sustained systemic assault by state-sponsored organizations that are politically motivated.

Universal Credit sanctions have destroyed people, families, and created a new British social underclass.


Injured military personnel

Factory workers suffering asbestosis

Highly educated victims of economic recessions

Doctors and scientists from far-flung war-torn lands

Average workaday citizen managing to keep their head above water

Acrimonious divorce


People with disabilities

Individual personal trauma

Short or long-term mental illness

Young single mothers




Blue collar workers working long hours on low pay

Long working hours leading to health problems

Violent relationship

Abusive treatment

Leaving home

These people have become Knapton’s neighbours and friends. In From Under A Cloud, you’ll get the chance to meet and hear their stories. Unplanned, accidental life-changing events leading to homelessness, ill health, poverty, and early death are the key issues.

The government uses its welfare budget to set-up profit-driven businesses. Allegedly, these are coaches, mentors, recruitment agencies, debt-collectors, bailiffs, and so-called social landlords. Some are very rich.

Gary Knapton's narratives show how rich business people ’s oligarchies are preventing the development and rejuvenation of society and growth.

Inequality is determined by the rich becoming richer and the poor poorer.

Knapton's response to the government's Work Pensions Select Committee19th Report on punitive Benefit Sanctions shows how individual personal agency and strong community social cohesion may deliver better outcomes.

The free book, 'From Under A Cloud On Heartbreak Hill,' is serialized free on social media feeds via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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