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RYA sailing and RYA yachting videos showing essential seamanship skills. Catherine Dobson, RYA Yachtmaster, and Instructor, proprietor of Horizon Sailing, Conwy Marina, North Wales, sails her 38' yacht, Tessa Rossa, in the Irish Sea, the Menai Straits, and Angelsey. Check out the pilotage of the Swellies, Menai Straits.
A detailed commentary outlines the core skills in the RYA sailing and yachting syllabus. It is supported by filming of skills and activities from the RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal Skipper, and the RYA Yachtmaster handbooks.

360 VR Video - The Swellies Menai Straits - Yacht Testa Rossa

A Nikon Key Mission 360 4K camera was used to record the transit of the Horizon Sailing yacht, Testa Rosse, based at Conwy Marina, North Wales. After sailing exercises north of Anglesey, the skipper, Catherine Dobson, instructed the crew on the pilotage through the Swellies en route to Caernarfon. The return northern passage used two tradition 4K video cameras to show the transit at low water.


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