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Modern Love Life Coaching

Hi, I'm Gary Knapton, a whole life design consultant from Manchester. I can't teach people anything, I can only help them discover themselves. These are the words of a 16th-century Italian philosopher called Galileo Galilei. On the basis of this truth that we each learn things individually, I’ve written a book to try and encourage us all to get new insights on how we can improve our lives.

The books called ‘Modern Love’ and will be published in the e-Book format this winter.

By using the perspective of love and forgiveness, I use phrases like efficiency, time, and management with a different slant.

Rather than writing a ‘How To’ guide or boring the reader with my own story to delivers insights, I'm taking a provocative, incendiary, good fun stance here by unravelling various unstated assumptions that we all take for granted in modern life.

What I'm doing is offering people a new insight to keep their minds open. There's more to life than what they are currently experiencing. More meaning with intrinsic and valuable personal success, may emerge from something beyond the conventional conveyor belt.

Rather than taking the limited journey in search of increased material wealth and acquisitions, anyone who wants to look beyond that, I invite them to take a look at my book: ‘Modern Love.’

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