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Roman Road Cabus Lancashire a history and nature trail.

History is on your doorstep. Cutting through the Lancashire countryside in rural Cabus, just west of Scorton and Nicky Nook is a Roman Road.

A public footpath now follows its route. It passes to the rear of the Patten Arms pub on the Cockerham Road.

On a glorious Spring day, Cabus Parish Councillor, Louise Jackson, takes you on a nature walk and an intriguing history your across farmers' fields. Roman soldiers, chariots, traders, and drovers have used this.

Check out Lancashire's heritage with this Cabus footpath guide.

Louise delivered this presentation as part of the public speaking challenge below. You can take part.


From the South Lancaster Speakers Club

To prevent cabin-fever in the time of COVID-19 lock-down, overcome curfew restrictions, and self-isolation here is an invitation to escape to another world.


The rationale and purpose are to stimulate you intellectually, have some fun, and to promote the enjoyment of public speaking to a broader audience.


During the week record a short uplifting speech or share written content. Let’s open this public speaking challenge up to anybody if they are interested. Contributors do not have to be a member.

Share speeches and recordings directly onto the South Lancaster Speakers Club Facebook page and website.

Contact if you need support.


1. Subjects and issues that interest you.

2. Content from responsible, verified sources.

3. Topical issues.


Using either FB or the comment form below on this website, to give positive and supportive feedback in the spirit of the club’s ethos.

Think about your personal development in public speaking, being active, and in making a positive contribution to society.

Are you up for the 2020 Public Speaking Challenge? Try it now!

Good luck!

Eddy Jackson



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