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Curriculum Resources Videos

Filmed in a wide range of locations this educational media and curriculum resources videos show glaciers, rivers, beaches, the water cycles, wildlife, nature sanctuary's, and physical geography.
The Anthropocene and the environment are key issues for the school curriculum. These videos are designed for school assemblies and learning resources supporting national curriculum subjects: Biology, science, environmental education, geography, citizenship, and PSE.

Getting physical in the age of COVID-19. Staying alive guide?

When in lockdown, self-isolating, and in quarantine in the age of the pandemic, what can you do?

Here is a two-sided story about being healthy and trying to reach an acceptable level of fitness whilst restricted in our tiny house next to the Bowland Fells.

Louise a yoga guru and healthy eating fanatic has a strong tendency to organize family life around this mantra. It makes her happy. She hums when happy.

My life starts with a command, "Is it time for your exercise?" Like a drill sergeant major on a parade ground, I am commanded to go into the wild elements to get physical.

Being locked up for three weeks has created tensions.

Our friends ask to share a video of what we have been getting up to. Here the outcome.

Don't be too serious in these difficult times. As Queen Elizabeth said in here nationwide address yesterday evening, we will emerge stronger and better on the other side.

Thinking of Boris.

Stay well and be safe.