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Curriculum Resources Videos

Filmed in a wide range of locations this educational media and curriculum resources videos show glaciers, rivers, beaches, the water cycles, wildlife, nature sanctuary's, and physical geography.
The Anthropocene and the environment are key issues for the school curriculum. These videos are designed for school assemblies and learning resources supporting national curriculum subjects: Biology, science, environmental education, geography, citizenship, and PSE.

Green Party Community Action Group with Cllr Abi Mills Scotforth Lancaster

Cllr Abi Mills and residents clear an overgrown footpath. It was dangerous for pedestrians to traverse along the narrow and busy Ashton Road.

The North Lancashire Green Party, in response to concerns, organized a working party on a cold January morning. Inviting and involving residents in taking responsibility for the environment is a strength of the Green Party.

They have an excellent track record in Lancaster in caring for the community and its environment.

For more information about the North Lancashire Green Party visit:

and the National Green Party