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Iceland Volcano Drone Flight, Holuhraun eruption, Feb 1, 2015

A single flight over the Holuhraun eruption in the Bardarbunga volcanic system in Iceland on Feb 1, 2015 with two stock DJI Inspire 1 quadcopters. Footage is almost all raw from camera and cuts between the two viewpoints (slight grading on the chase camera in a couple places—it was set to auto exposure, and needed some correction).

Flight by Eric Cheng of DJI (lead camera), and Ferdinand Wolf of Skynamic (chase camera).

More details: In February, Ferdinand Wolf (with and I had the great pleasure to heading to Iceland with Good Morning America to live broadcast from the air using DJI Inspire 1 quadcopters (BTS video is here: During that trip, we also tested prototype Phantom 3 quadcopters with 4K cameras, capturing footage for the Phantom 3 launch, which ended up in most of the promotional videos as well as the video, Fire & Ice ( You can also see a short clip showing the Phantom 3 flying over the volcano: