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「10 years after: revisiting Greenland」TRAILER -English subtitled-

「10 years after: revisiting Greenland」

Spring of 2003, 7 of us visited small village named Kangaamiut where placed in west coast of Greenland.
We put all ski mountaineering gear and foods on each sea kayak, then paddled deep into the fjord.
While paddling the fjords, we look for slopes with our own eyes. When we find good slopes for skiing, got off
kayak and start to climb, and then ski. We spent about 40 days doing the things like that.
In 2013 we visited the same place with same members to do the same expedition we did 10 years ago.
Each of us had various experience as pro-skier or mountain guides during this 10 years of interval.

This film is the chronicle of our expedition, which is different from harsh one like “high altitude” nor polar.
Our purpose is to paddle, climb, ski and spend time together.

Members: Takeshi Kodama, Tadahiro Yamaki, Akihiro Tachimoto, Wataru Nara, Daisuke Sasaki,
Takao Araiba, Masaki Sekiguchi

Produced by: EBIS films
Directed & Edited by: Masaki Sekiguchi