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The Ketchikan Story Project

In 2009, Eben and Elle was hired to write/co-produce a short "markumentary" film about the commercial fishing industry in Ketchikan, Alaska. The film, Ketchikan: A Fish Story, was to become the first in a series of six films about the little seaside community of Ketchikan. The series, produced in conjunction with the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau and Kali Enterprises, is called The Ketchikan Story Project. All told, it encompasses six films, 39 digital shorts, a curated website (, an app, and seven Emmys.

Ketchikan: A Fish Story

Given its deep connection to the sea, you might call Ketchikan's history a "fishstory." Fishing culture has permeated Ketchikan from time immemorial, when the banks of Ketchikan Creek were home to a seasonal Tlingit fish camp. Today, Ketchikan is a working fishing community with over 30% of the population involved in either catching and processing fish or sustaining the fisheries and preserving natural habitats.

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