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The Dog Beneath the Skin

THE DOG BENEATH THE SKIN by W.H. Auden & Christopher Isherwood

Used by kind permission of Curtis Brown, Ltd. and The Wylie Agency. Copyright ©1935 All Rights reserved.


WILD VISIONS: Several short pieces created in response to Auden & Isherwood’s play.

Directed by Andrea Brooks

Written in 1935, the play is a siren call against apathy in the face of creeping corruption.
W.H. Auden and Christopher Isherwood wrote the play while Lord Baden-Powell was being inspired by the Hitler Youth and one of the British aristocracy was marrying the leader of the British fascists in Germany - with Hitler as an honoured guest. This play is a product of Auden and Isherwood’s love of - and fear for – England and the whole of humanity.
A caustic, cautionary tale, absolutely fresh and disturbingly relevant to our extraordinary times and funny too.
An online extravaganza – you won’t have seen anything like it!
You can follow the narrative over eighteen chapters or dip in and out at your leisure. Scroll down beyond Chapter 18. for additional Dog Beneath the Skin scenes and WIld Visions; contemporary responses to the play

Facilitated & mentored by Louise Amos

These short pieces of original work have been created, written and performed by the actors, inspired by a moment in Dog Beneath the Skin. From poetry to montage and short plays to films, this work spans many genres and styles across contemporary life and moments from the past. Take delight in characters, convictions, credos and comic interludes.


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