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Revival Radio TV

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Revival Radio TV is a television show about Awakenings and Revivals from all over the world.

  1. Matt Sorger's Testimony

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Matt Sorger about his powerhouse testimony and revivals.

  2. Matt Sorger: expand your borders

    Dr. Gene Bailey with Matt Sorger explores successfully expanding the borders of what you do

  3. Billy Burke and the Supernatural

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Billy Burke about the supernatural and faith.

  4. Billy Burke's testimony

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Pastor Billy Burke about updated experiences of his personal testimony and heritage of miracles with Kathryn Kuhlman.

  5. George and Stephen Jeffreys

    Dr.Gene interviews Doug Bonner and Linda Schulz Lane about these amazing healing ministries.

  6. Kellie Copeland and Jerriann Savelle

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Kellie Copeland and Jerriann Savelle