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Revival Radio TV

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Revival Radio TV is a television show about Awakenings and Revivals from all over the world.

  1. Paul Brady: Revival

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Paul Brady

  2. Paul Brady: Ulster Revival Insights

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Pastor Paul Brady for his insights from Ulster Revival. Airs 9-22-19

  3. John Kilpatricks Insights from Pensacola Outpouring

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews John Kilpatrick for his insights from Pensacola Brownsville Revival. airs 190915

  4. Dino Kartsonakis

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Dino Kartsonakis about his revival heritage

  5. John Kilpatrick’s testimony

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews John Kilpatrick for his amazing revival history

  6. Kenneth Copeland and Jerry Savelle ministry revelations

    Dr. Gene Bailey listens to insider stories from the founders of two awesome ministries.