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Revival Radio TV

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Revival Radio TV is a television show about Awakenings and Revivals from all over the world.

  1. Reformation Fires

    In this award winning TV show, Dr. Gene Bailey explores three men who changed the face of nations through reformation fires. Airs 9/27/2020

  2. Riesco Brothers Victory

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews the Riesco brothers about what happened in Chicago when they stood up for their Christian beliefs. airs 9-12-2020

  3. Thin Places

    Dr. Gene Bailey explores Ireland’s Thin Places with Rebecca Friedlander

  4. Changes in Awakenings

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Lance Wallnau about national areas impacted by Awakenings. Airs 090620

  5. Lance Wallnau

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Lance Wallnau about current events. airs 08302020

  6. AA Allen: Love & Opposing Injustices

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Paul Allen on AA Allen’s love strategy that opposed Jim Crow laws.
    Airs 08232020