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Revival Radio TV

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Revival Radio TV is a television show about Awakenings and Revivals from all over the world.

  1. Revisiting Armenian Revivals

    In this episode, Dr. Gene Bailey takes us on the "uncovering-the-well" experience of the Armenians Revivals. Hear from Cynthia Shakarian's experience what her Armenian family lived, too, under the Russia Tzars. part 1 of 2.

  2. George Whitefield and the First American Awakening

    In this episode of Revival Radio TV, Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Doug Bonner, historian about Reverend George Whitefield and his part in the First American Awakening.

    Airs 1-22-2017

  3. George Whitefield, England's Revivalist

    In this episode, Dr. Gene Bailey interviews historian Doug Bonner about George Whitefield and the adventurous roles Whitefield took on that spawned revivals in England.

  4. John Wesley Show 2 of 2

    In this episode, Dr. Gene Bailey talks with Historian Doug Bonner about John Wesley and the miracle that transformed England.

  5. Russian Series show 3 of 3

    In the final show of our Russian Series, Dr. Gene Bailey with guest Konstantin Pavlov go over Vasili's most amazing moments and update on his family now here in America

  6. Eyewitness Testimony Pensacola Revival Show 2 of 2

    In this episode of eyewitness's testimonies, Dr. Gene Bailey interviews guest Bill Holzinger about his experiences in the Pensacola Florida Revival of 1995. Also included is some spectacular (taped) eyewitness testimonies. Air's 01-08