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Revival Radio TV

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Revival Radio TV is a television show about Awakenings and Revivals from all over the world.

  1. Waves of Revival: Revivals Now!

    Dr. Gene digs into the Current Wave of the Spirit Roundtable: Doug Bonner, Linda Schulz Lane, Greg Stephens
    Airs 111818

  2. Sam Nix and Jack Coe Jr.

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Pastor AA Allen’s protégé Sam Nix.
    AIrs 9/30/18

  3. Dean Sikes Live Audience

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Dean Sikes in front of a live audience.
    Airs 10/07/18

  4. Spencer Nordyke

    Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Spencer Nordyke: “It’s Supernatural!”

  5. Kiowa Awakening

    This 1000 mile adventure that brought this Revival to life included mountainside treks, four forts located in several states, interviews with Kiowa elders, a full award-winning cast and even an awarded Native American dancer, historic and current day soldiers, rifles, horses and even a cannon firing! Our thanks to the Native Americans who tirelessly assisted the team so these unforgettable stories could come to life.

  6. 20th Century Waves Charismatic, Word of Faith

    Dr. Gene digs into the waves of the Spirit that exploded onto the 20th-Century era. Roundtable: Doug Bonner, Linda Schulz Lane, Greg Stephens