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Noma Bar - NewYork-Presbyterian : ‘UnMasking a Killer / Full Version

First in a series of films created to increase understanding of new therapies at the frontiers of medicine, “Unmasking a Killer” explains the science behind immunotherapy.

Instead of “talking lab coats” or difficult technical jargon, the film uses metaphor and story-telling, brought to life by a striking animation by Noma Bar.
Illustration and Direction - Noma Bar
Animation - Ale Pixel Studio
Production Company - Dutch Uncle, New York
Client - NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
Agency - Seiden NYC
Creative Director+Art Director - Eric Houseknecht
Copywriter + ECD - Steven Feinberg
Kati Schultheis - Account Director
Producer - Jill Levy (Sanity Productions)
Sound - Weston Fonger (Yessian Music)
Voice Over - Brian d'Arcy James
Interview with Stephen Feinberg (Seiden ECD):

What was the strategic approach to this ad?

The strategic approach for the campaign overall was to highlight particular “amazing things” happening in medical innovation at NYP and its associated medical schools.
We saw a need for content to explain some of the advances being talked about in mainstream media in terms an educated lay person could understand, and in a way that would encourage engagement (as opposed to a “talking lab coat” video or overly technical material intended largely for professionals).

Why use animation?

The subject matter is difficult to visualize in a literal way. We wanted to tell a story, not dispense facts. We needed to use analogies and metaphors to get people to understand highly technical, abstract concepts…so animation was a natural choice. The key was to find a style that was entertaining but not cartoonish—witty as opposed to slapstick. Noma Bar was an excellent fit for that.

How does this fit into the Amazing Things campaign?

The patient stories will continue: their job is reinforce NewYork-Presbyterian’s incredible, patient-focused care and the life-changing outcomes that result.This new effort, which is by design more informational and more specific to a particular clinical area, is meant to highlight specific areas of strength within the organization. It is also more “retail” in nature, allowing patients to find and make appointments with the appropriate physicians. Key to that is a significant digital component to the campaign.

Will you continue with patient stories?

See above. Our goal is to have a new set of stories out sometime in 2Q.

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