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The Synod on the Family: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives from the American Context

This DSPT Symposium—part of the 2016 Convocation of the College of Fellows—considered the 2015 Synod on the Family in relation to our American context and explored the family in the USA from a variety of perspectives, seeking to more deeply understand the Church’s teaching on the family with an aim to discern how to creatively and faithfully apply it in our culture today.

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The Family in Popular Culture – Ron Austin

First, the mass media was not wholly responsible for the decline of the American family in the 20th century but was a major contributing factor.

Second, the media damage to the concept of the family and ‘family values’ came primarily from the media industry’s desire to capture a ‘youth market’ based on an inherently antinomian adolescent psychology that rejected adult authority.

Third, this destructive impulse was inherent in the growth of modernism with its emphasis on individualism and the goal of a virtually autonomous freedom.

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