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Aerial Cinematography, Yachting, Real Estate, Hotels, Golf Courses, Image Movies and much more

Working in the film industry as an actor and filmmaker for years led me to close range aerial filming.
Cause nothing comes close to the magic of well composed cinematic shots.

We use highly sophisticated radio controlled multirotor platforms to professionally capture close range video.
Gyro stabilized camera heads will always keep the camera vibration free, keep the horizon level and set to any required angle.

Our multicopters provide very stable flight characteristics. They perform agile and precise maneuvers required for delivering stunning shots which makes them perfect for low altitude imagery.
This sophisticated "tool" gives you - our clients - the opportunity to capture unique and exceptional images.

We also provide complete image films using sophisticated camera gear. On the ground or up in the air.
We capture your moments. Cause some memories never fade !
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Boats & Yachting


Did you ever want a video of yourself and your loved ones ? We follow you around the Lago.
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Die Drüberflieger - Jan Hartmann

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