Brand Futures

Brand Futures is a Dragon Rouge project which explores how some of today’s
well-known brands might evolve and how consumers might interact with them in a sustainable 2030.
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Brand Futures - easyJet: Hi-comfort, jet speed rail travel

easyJet has pioneered the way we choose, use and experience European rail travel. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, revolutionary jet speed trains provide affordable, cool and hyper-efficient journeys across continents, delivering us to our end destinations in comfort, with ease.

Using its unparalleled capacity to manage passenger yield and influence bookings and price in real-time, easyJet has revolutionized rail travel for the better. Integrating its easy and affordable philosophy into all areas of train travel, which used to be undesirable and, at times, unbearable. It won over sceptics and turned the rail experience into part of the trip, not just a means to reach a destination.

Connected to the EU’s smart grid, easyJet’s fares react to projected excess capacity and its trains supply back to the grid via an advanced kinetic energy recovery system.

European travel for pleasure is a delight of entertaining options from film to spa, while businessmen and women can use their time on board as a tailored, remote office experience.



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