Brand Futures

Brand Futures is a Dragon Rouge project which explores how some of today’s
well-known brands might evolve and how consumers might interact with them in a sustainable 2030.
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Brand Futures - Primark: Subscribe to style

Primark’s style-subscribers buy in to the latest fashions through a flexible, affordable wardrobe. Choosing items from monthly collections and keeping them for as long as they want, users have the best of both worlds: as many new items as they please and the ability to return used items for reconditioning and remanufacturing.

Through both virtual and high street stores, style-subscribers can influence collections, create and share their own styles and tune in to the latest collections via regular catwalk shows.

Even though the business model behind Subscribe to Style has evolved from the original, what Primark's consumers love and relish about the brand has not changed. As a Primark subscriber, your wardrobe is more flexible and exciting than ever before.

But behind the scenes investment in R&D has changed fabrics irrevocably; intelligent design for durability and disassembly has given items multiple life-cycles, and the thriving UK remanufacturing industry employs thousands.



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