Virginia Land Conservation & Greenways Conference

July 21, August 10 & 11, September 10, 2020

Thank you to our incredible speakers! Presenters adapted content to the current challenges and opportunities in our communities. They talked about equity. They talked about how outdoor spaces are providing essential health and wellness services. They talked about food systems needed to grow our food and how it gets to our table. Thank you for joining us and being part of the conversation. We look forward to working with all of you to put these plans into action!

  1. Overcoming Barriers to Connectivity through Collaborative Action

    July 21
    Join Friends of the Lower Appomattox River and the Piedmont Environmental Council as they discuss building regional trail collaborations in two different regions of Virginia. This session will focus primarily on overcoming obstacles to progress--such as land acquisition, stakeholder opposition, and competing priorities for public funds--by reframing issues and creating new kinds of partnerships and coalitions. While their efforts differ in geography, demography and history, the challenges, benefits and approaches have much in common and will resonate with professionals working throughout the Commonwealth. Following the presentations, there will be questions and discussion of new ways of working in the COVID-19 era.

    Building Social Capital presentation:

    Ovecoming Soft Barriers to Progress presentation:

  2. Making the Case for Greenways & Trails

    July 21
    As demonstrated by speakers throughout the day, successful trail and greenway programs take significant support from a variety of players. They need funding support from public and private sources, they need input and involvement from members of the community they are intended to serve and they need extended active engagement from a coalition of partners to maximize their potential. This session answers the question, how do you make the case with all these groups and gain the lasting support necessary to make trail and greenway access the given, not the exception in the Commonwealth?

    Discussion led by Sarah Sanford, East Coast Greenway Alliance, Virginia & North Carolina Coordinator


  3. Stewardship 101 and COVID 19

    September 10
    Sylvia Bates, Director of Standards and Educational Services, Land Trust Alliance

    Slide presentation:

  4. Tackling an Amendment

    September 10
    Virginia Outdoors Foundation shares their experience of amending a recent easement.
    Tyler McGilvery, Stewardship Assistant
    Byrn Sonnett, Stewardship Assistant

    Slide presentation:

  5. Utilizing Aerial Imagery for Easement Monitoring

    September 10
    This session's focus is to provide a tutorial for remote land conservation easement monitoring.

    Jake Faber, Natural Resources Conservation Service Project Manager, Land Trust Alliance
    Emily Warner, Potomac Conservancy, Senior Director of Land Conservation, Potomac Conservancy

  6. Viewshed Analysis

    September 10
    This session provides insight into Virginia Outdoors Foundation’s analysis, including dwelling review examples.

    Tyler McGilvery, Stewardship Assistant, Virginia Outdoors Foundation, Charlottesville
    Byrn Sonnett, Stewardship Assistant, Virginia Outdoors Foundation, Warrenton

    Slide presentation: