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Here, you can watch 44 films of young media-makers with a migrant background.
In the frame of 'Remapping Europe - a Remix Project', they have used their family albums, movies, commercials and news reports to tell their own story.

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Proof - Alicja Plachówna-Vasilevska [Remapping Europe] (EN)

Does your husband sugar his tea? What colour is your wife's toothbrush? Which side of the bed does your wife sleep on? Alicja Plachówna (PL) could answer such questions in the middle of the night without hesitation. That is why her husband Boyan isn't "illegal" in Poland.
"Proof" is a playful yet bitter story about an exam in love. The author tells a real story of facing red tape, visiting offices and being visited by public servants - all the machinery was started when she married a Macedonian and the two started to live in Poland.
Made by Alicja Plachówna-Vasilevska, produced by The Association of Creative Initiatives in 2013 as part of the Remapping Europe Project, supported by the European Commission. This work is part of Doc Next Network Media Collection. For more information visit