263C/463C CDMA Cellular Communicators

November 2, 2012

What’s the latest in plug-in digital communicators? To find out, join DMP product experts for a concise 30 minute, informative webinar on the new DMP 263C /463C modules.
In this webinar, we will describe some of the key operational features of these just-released digital cellular communicators. You will get the nuts-and-bolts information that you need to order and sell these next-generation digital communicators, including pricing and compatibility. We will also cover updates to existing installations.
If you have questions about the webinars or specific questions you would like answered, please email marketing@dmp.com.
You need a steady stream of new and enhanced products to keep up with changing technology and customer expectations. DMP provides you with those products, and provides these webinars to keep you informed about what’s fresh from the manufacturer.