Portfolio Dialogue between a Dancer and a 'Cellist

Just three trailer videos plus something extra.

You find two more videos on YouTube when you following this link: http://bit.ly/DanceandCello

  1. Trailer Sarabande by Ghidini/Bach

    A few steps from Sarabande by Paola Ghidini on music by J.S. Bach.

  2. Threnody by Constantin/Sculthorpe for @CultureOfUs.

    A short contribution to @CultureOfUs with one-and-a-half minute of Threnody for 'Cello Alone by Peter Sculthorpe in a choreography by Erik Constantin.
    Paola Ghidini dance & Detmar Leertouwer violoncello.

  3. Pēteris Vasks: Grāmata Čellam

    A pastiche of excerpts from 'Grāmata Čellam' by Pēteris Vasks played by Detmar Leertouwer.

  4. A bit of stretching the stiff limbs.