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Extended video presentations created by Divine Truth (Jesus and Mary Magdalene) on specific spiritual, emotional and practical topics.

20170104-1000 Introduction to Public Speaking

Theme: Introduction to Public Speaking

Location & Time: Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia on 4th January 2017 at 10:00am; Session 1 Part 1 at 10:00am

Description: Jesus gives an impromptu introduction on the subject of public speaking and discusses the selection of material, the delivery of material, consideration of the audience, the emotions relating to public speaking, and answers questions from invited guests about the subject

Length: 52m 56s

00:00:40 Introduction to Public Speaking
00:01:59 Jesus introduces the key components in public speaking
00:04:51 Material
00:04:58 Theme
00:06:23 Main points & subpoints
00:08:13 Introduction & conclusion
00:10:55 Spacing & timing the talk
00:12:51 Understanding the structure of the presentation & knowing the material
00:14:09 Why Jesus rarely needs notes for his presentations
00:15:42 The common belief that public speaking is as stressful as the fear of death
00:16:26 Example of applying information about public speaking
00:17:25 Logical flow & emotional connection
00:19:19 Delivery
00:20:56 Volume of speech
00:21:30 Pitch, pace & power
00:21:59 Enthusiasm
00:22:46 Pausing
00:23:38 Modulation of the voice
00:24:08 Gestures
00:26:03 Voice power in the delivery of the material
00:26:50 Eye contact with the audience during the delivery of the material
00:29:02 Using illustrations to engage more senses
00:32:26 Audience participation & questions
00:34:00 Knowing your subject & not discussing material you do not know
00:34:53 Finding balance in methods for delivery of the material
00:36:44 Audience
00:37:03 Location
00:37:46 Interest & experience
00:40:22 Distractions
00:41:44 Being narcissistic when delivering material to the audience
00:43:41 When to include housekeeping
00:44:25 Consideration for all potential audiences
00:46:43 Diction is an important of delivery of the material
00:47:15 Review of the material & using repetition
00:48:56 Benefits of creating outline for presentation
00:50:28 Issues with going overtime
00:51:30 Reviewing the delivery of the material
00:52:20 Reviewing the considerations of the audience

Title: Introduction to Public Speaking
Category: Project, Teaching, Public Speaking
Presenters: Jesus
Type: Training Material
Presentation: 20170104-1000-1000-JESUS-DT-TRN-PTPUBS--Introduction to Public Speaking

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