Distributing Intelligence

Welcome to Distributing Intelligence, from VIP. We started this quarterly series of videos to show distributors how they can get the most out of our technologies. You’ll see how other companies are more profitable and efficient with VIP’s innovations and we’ll introduce you to new advancements as we roll them out.

For more information, visit VIP’s website, vtinfo.com.

Episode 8: Beverage on the web update - Features you need. Training you'll love.

Episode 8 of Distributing Intelligence takes a fresh look at VIP's Beverage on the web. Learn how your fellow distributors and bottlers are saving considerable time and money by using new features that help overcome the latest challenges in our ever-changing industry.

You’ll also see how Beverage on the web's easy-to-access training and support programs can free up your people to be more thoughtful and productive employees. It all adds up to make VIP's Beverage on the web the leading Route Accounting System in the industry for distributors seeking profitability, efficiency, and better staff performance.

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