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Digital Cinema Show - Episode 5: Kees Van Oostrum, ASC, Filmmaker John Putch, Aerial Director/DP, David Nowell, ASC

In this fifth installment of the Digital Cinema Show, a series covering the art, science, and business of motion pictures, we begin with an extensive interview with renowned Cinematographer and President of the ASC, Kees Van Oostrum. Recorded as part of this year’s DCS Lighting Expo, Kees shares his insights and experience regarding the benefits and pitfalls of using LED for motion picture lighting.

Next we visit with John Putch, one of busiest Directors in the business with credits ranging from Blackish, Rush Hour, Scrubs, Cougar Town, My Name Is Earl, Ugly Betty, along with features from the Atlas Shrugged, Beethoven, and American Pie series, as well a remake of the classic Poseidon Adventure.
We find out about his own set of Indie features which he has accomplished to much acclaim with very limited crews on shoe string budgets.

This episode concludes with an interview excerpted from our coverage of the March 2015 DCS Aerial Cinematography Symposium with acclaimed Aerial Director/DP, David Nowell, ASC. He gives us a short history of Aerial Cinematography as well as what he see for the future. He also draws a comparison between the use of Drones and traditional manned camera operation with helicopters pointing out that the same basic safety precautions and personnel are required.