2016 DCS Post Production Expo

On November 19th the Digital Cinema Society held our annual Post Expo at the Chaplin Theater on the Raleigh Studios lot in Hollywood. Leading Industry Experts covered a wide variety of Post Production topics including HDR, Storage, Finishing, and VR, as well as taking advantage of the Cloud for Post and Distribution. Special guests included Academy Award winning Editor Richard Halsey, ACE, along with his wife and editing partner, Colleen Halsey, ACE and VR Authority Edward Dawson-Taylor. In addition there were representatives from: Adobe - Avid - Blackmagic Design - Intelligent Assistance - NVIDIA - OWC - Quantum - Roush Media - WCP Media Services -

Special thanks for our volunteer crew including Producer David Mahlmann, Camera Operators Colin Sabala and Danny Lanham, Christopher Knell for staging, and Rainer Standke for all post production services. We would also like to thank Blackmagic Design for the loan of cameras and Manios Digital and Film for Cartoni Camera Support. The venue was courtesy of Raleigh Studios, and refreshments were provided by OWC and MacSales.