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Small Brains en Masse

This collection of video works represents several years of using an "extended refresh" technique to examine the way swarms of like creatures move. At various times I have called this technique extruded time, echo, or time trails. I am intrigued by the marks each species leaves. I see these as both data and drawings. As this project has developed I have begun to add slow motion to the technique.

dark sunset facing south along RT 6

dark sunset - This week I have been more interested in shooting farther from the flock with a longer lens and including the floor... what is going on on the ground. It's a less simple frame.

Exposure 5.6 ,80 th of a second ISO 1250 140mm lens - Feb 23 2014 clip 00008. Seekonk MA.,_Massachusetts

The video is processed in After Effects with a common simple patch.

The day was not very windy.The temperature 27F. Camera was pointed south.