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Small Brains en Masse

This collection of video works represents several years of using an "extended refresh" technique to examine the way swarms of like creatures move. At various times I have called this technique extruded time, echo, or time trails. I am intrigued by the marks each species leaves. I see these as both data and drawings. As this project has developed I have begun to add slow motion to the technique.

Water Striders

Early in the day north of Toronto Canada I found this cluster of water striders near a log shoot. The current was pushing toward the shoot but they were jumping away. Also known as Jesus Bugs for their ability to "walk on water" these creatures have an amazing ability to jump stochasticly (was "random" but stochastic is much better).


A nice video allowing us to watch the sporadic dances of water striders. Completely random? Likely not, but motivated, complex and stochastic in equal measure perhaps.