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Small Brains en Masse

This collection of video works represents several years of using an "extended refresh" technique to examine the way swarms of like creatures move. At various times I have called this technique extruded time, echo, or time trails. I am intrigued by the marks each species leaves. I see these as both data and drawings. As this project has developed I have begun to add slow motion to the technique.

wings 24643997

The recording lasted 9 seconds. The first part of the video is an approximation of "real time". Or rather the time frame a human experiences with a visual refresh rate of 40 chemical refreshes of retina stimuli per second. This video was shot at 600 frames per second then was blended to show the "personal space" of the starling. This slows the "refresh rate" to several seconds.

We often think the volume of a bird as the body with wings folded. In actually the bird must keep a bubble of space around for the space the bird occupies is with wings outstretched.