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Small Brains en Masse

This collection of video works represents several years of using an "extended refresh" technique to examine the way swarms of like creatures move. At various times I have called this technique extruded time, echo, or time trails. I am intrigued by the marks each species leaves. I see these as both data and drawings. As this project has developed I have begun to add slow motion to the technique.

hummingbird moth - hawk moth

Visiting the pollinator's garden at Blithewold Mansion and Gardens in Bristol RI. Hot summer day photographing bees with the Edgertronic high speed camera. A hummingbird moth makes a surprise entrance.

Camera time: Fri Jul 25 19:32:26 2014
Sensitivity: 400 ISO
Shutter: 1/6000 Seconds
Frame Rate: 1200 Frames/Second
Horizontal: 912 Pixels
Vertical: 512 Pixels
Sub-sampling: Off sub-sample
Duration: 11.4967 Seconds
Pre-trigger: 10 percent

Trigger time: 1406316735 (sec since 1970)

FPGA Temp: 44 C
Sensor Temp: 41 C

Model number: 0x0001
Serial number: 0x00AE
Hardware revision: 0x0005
Hardware configuration: 0x0x0001
Build date: 20140602 (YYYYMMDD)
Ethernet MAC address: 00:1B:C5:09:60:AE
FPGA version: 38
Software build date: 20140405230106 (YYYYMMDDhhmmss)