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Small Brains en Masse

This collection of video works represents several years of using an "extended refresh" technique to examine the way swarms of like creatures move. At various times I have called this technique extruded time, echo, or time trails. I am intrigued by the marks each species leaves. I see these as both data and drawings. As this project has developed I have begun to add slow motion to the technique.

a little bumble bee lands on a flower

Bubble bees come in all sizes. Some as small as a grain of rice. This one is about 3/8th of an inch. This is another little episode in a much longer narrative regarding pollination. As, I am working toward a body of work for exhibition - on occasion I find the deduced narrative from high speed recording to be remarkable. These narratives spring from the story of a little dance slowed down enough to let our mind understand the complexity of this everyday event in the garden.

Here a tiny bumble bee holds it's legs out and drops in at the flower airport underscoring the name given to it by our forefathers.

Its a bumble bee!