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When we "offcially" started Deep Focus Cinema in late 2010 we were already in the think of our first feature length documentary film " The Immigration Paradox". What has happend since has been extraordinary! We finished our first feature despite many odds and challenges stacked against us. From selling our car to help fund the journey, to fearing for our lives in isolated desert locations averting wild coyotes and putting ourselves in situations that most people would avoid all together.

The lessons have been plentiful, the triumphs sweet. We had the honor of experiencing a Red Carpet Premiere with over 800+ attendees in the oldest operating theater in Phoenix-The Orpheum. Though the wealth of our experience has been from the completion of "The Immigration Paradox" we have slowly started taking that experience and helping others leverage our wisdom and passion for story telling to tell their stories.

From our Embracing Humanity "Listen" video that shares various perspectives on the art and importance of listening in a "hip" and engaging manner; to our well recieved Barrio Works short "Buy a Barrio Bike" that illustrates how a simple concept can have huge long term impact on a community.

We take on limited projects that we believe in and focus on conveying them in a cinematic fashion that entertains and engages viewers. With so many stories that deserve to be shared we are only getting started and with each project we enrich our community as well as grow stronger as a production house.

Tells us what your needs are and we'll help uncover the humanity in your story.

The Immigration Paradox

The Immigration Paradox - Movie - Red Carpet World Premiere September 27th:

Hear what people are saying about "The Immigration Paradox"

A BIG Thank you to everyone that made it out to our World Premiere at the Orpheum Theater. The night would not have been a success without your attendance.

We have received all kinds of inquiries and support for the future of this film and we look forward to meeting the demand and wide interest. We have a long and exciting journey ahead!

We are working daily to find new venues to share this film that serve a win-win for all people involved. Should you know of or have access to such spaces we encourage you to contact us immediately.
tipmovie2012 (at)gmail(dot)com

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Hear what people are saying about "The Immigration Paradox", reviews.



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