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502 Sessions

502 Sessions features high-level musicians performing original music. 502 Sessions welcomes many different genres such as: original jazz, folk, bluegrass, classical, electric, R&B, et al. Sometimes a group blends many styles in one show. We’re always looking for quality, well rehearsed and prepared musicians that have original compositions and would like to do an episode. For more information or to inquire regarding a possible appearance on a future episode of 502 Sessions, contact Brian Kerby at:

502 Sessions featuring the Janusz Kowalski Super Fusion Band

Led by tenor saxophonist and composer Janusz Kowalski, the Super Fusion Band blends go-go, jazz, rock, funk, and latin grooves. The band plays frequently at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA. and has been featured in NYC at the Polish American Jazz Festivals. Janusz has performed at several festivals, including the Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival, the Boston Globe Jazz Festival, and the Boston Phoenix Jazz Festival.
The Janusz Kowalski Super Fusion Band's latest CD release is Memo.
Along with Janusz on tenor, band members are:
Maxim Lubarsky - keyboard
Archie Kubota - bass
Alvin Terry - drums
Songs in order:
1. Memo @ 1:30
2. Jaco @ 12:27
Interview @ 22:40
3. A Man With The Hair Of A Dog @ 28:07
4. Sharp Diamonds @ 36:55
Wrapup @ 42:55
5. Now Or Never @ 43:55