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502 Sessions

502 Sessions features high-level musicians performing original music. 502 Sessions welcomes many different genres such as: original jazz, folk, bluegrass, classical, electric, R&B, et al. Sometimes a group blends many styles in one show. We’re always looking for quality, well rehearsed and prepared musicians that have original compositions and would like to do an episode. For more information or to inquire regarding a possible appearance on a future episode of 502 Sessions, contact Brian Kerby at:

502 Sessions featuring The New Review

TNR is a nine piece Boston-based funk band, committed to resurrecting old school soul with modern originality. Arrangements by the talented Jesse Baskin, a horn section complete with seasoned jazz players, a pocket rhythm section, and powerhouse lead vocals by Aubrey Haddard bring the house down. Known for their stellar live performances, The New Review captivates audiences with tasteful melodies and raw energy. TNR released their debut self titled album in March 2015.

Aubrey Haddard- Lead Vocals
Sally Stempler - Backup Vocals
Virginia Garcia - Backup Vocals
Jesse Baskin- Guitar
Pat Carr- Keyboards
Kyle Lankton- Tenor Sax
Matt Hull- Trumpet
Van Daalhuyzen- Bass
Ben Atkind- Drums