Web Shorts

Web shorts can be a great way to share cutting-edge science stories with a broad, diverse public. We work with individual scientists and top science media publishers to produce dynamic short science stories for online audiences. Here is a collection of these short films, from the beginning of Day's Edge (when Nate and Neil were still Ph.D. students) to the present.

The Anomalies: Venom Race

Most scorpions are harmless to humans, but in the deserts of North America, one group of species, collectively called striped bark scorpions produce venom that is potentially lethal and extremely painful. Despite their potent venom, striped bark scorpions are still a favorite meal of a small rodent called the grasshopper mouse. After decades of work, biologists have discovered that this tiny mouse may be the key to explaining how and why striped bark scorpion venom is so toxic.

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