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Excerpts from films by Dayna Hanson

"Life It Seems" from Improvement Club

Sneak peak from Improvement Club, Dayna Hanson's 2013 hybrid feature film. Shot by Ben Kasulke, produced by Mel Eslyn and edited by Sean Donavan, Improvement Club blends dance, narrative and docu/rocku/mockumentary elements to tell a story of the agony and exhilaration of making art in America today. In this scene, shot by Kasulke and Jacob Rosen, the ensemble practices a song and dance on the rooftop of a former INS building in Seattle where they rehearse. With Maggie Brown, Dayna Hanson, Jim Kent, Wade Madsen, Paul Moore, Peggy Piacenza, Dave Proscia, Pol Rosenthal and Jessie Smith.

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