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photography, film, commercial

  1. Exum Guides Winter Short

    This is a one minute commercial exploring Exum mountain guides' winter skiing and climbing programs in the Teton Range near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. All footage was shot in the winter and spring of 2011 by David Stubbs and David Gonzales.,,

    Music by Rotating Superstructure

  2. Riding the Melt

    This is a 2 min. short about floating the Snake River Canyon during the 2011 runoff, when the Snake was flowing at 25,000 cfs. Material shot by David Stubbs,
    Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  3. Cutters

    Cutters is a short about the annual Shriner's Cutter Races held each February in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Produced by David Stubbs. AVIVIDEYE production.

  4. Connectivity

    This is a two-minute piece about the powerful dynamic between climbing partners during a trip to Joshua Tree National Park in California. by David Stubbs / / AVIVIDEYE production