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American Scooter

Welcome to the emerging sub-culture of the American Scooter. For the first time in Scooter history, this veiled society is brought to the light. Darkcar digs deep into the captivating and quirky personalities that scoot past us every day. Scooter legends Luke Aitken, Mike Morrison, and Graeme Jenvey answer the world’s question: why do you Scooter?


“To be future champions: that’s why we go out and ride as hard as we do,”
explains Scooter legend Luke Aitken in the documentary American Scooter released this fall by Darkcar.
“We’re not there yet.”
Certainly not. But you have to admire these guys. Graeme Jenvey puts it like this, “When we scooter together, people notice us. They talk about us… but it doesn’t stop with talk.” Isn’t that the truth! These guys are living it every day, sun shining or rain falling. Cars whip past them, windshield wipers tossing rain aside in mockery as these Scooter heroes furrow their brows, wipe their goggles, and twist their throttles.
“Goin’ down a winding road with the leaves comin’ up around you… and the rhythm of the bike in your head… its extreme, a special bond.” Mike Morrison attempts to explain the sensations that can only really be felt by a fellow Scooter rider. Without knowing this feeling, people often wonder and stare in disbelief as a Scooter rider spontaneously reach out, legs and arms stretching in a joyous expression. What prompts this kind of lunacy?
“Its about the rush, when you turn the key and hear the 50ccs, there’s no other feeling. It’s surreal.” It may be surreal but it’s also very, very REAL. Watch for them on your way to work, on your way to the store. They could be scooting down your highway, down your sidewalk, in a back alley or back yard.
They are the free. The brave. The underdogs.
American Scooter.

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